De : HEINZMANN Gerhard
Collections : Philosophia scientiae. Archives Henri Poincaré, Revues
ISBN : 978-2-84174-399-3
Année : 2006
Nombre de pages : 134
Prix : 17 €


Editors : Gerhard Heinzmann and Giuseppina Ronzitti

Gerhard Heinzmann : Foreword
Giuseppina Ronzitti
Herman Ruge Jervell : Constructing Ordinals
Wim Veldman : Brouwer’s Real Thesis on Bars
Hajime Ishihara : Reverse Mathematics in Bishop’s Constructive Mathematics
Bianca Boretti : Equality in the Presence of Apartness:
Sara Negri : An Application of Structural Proof Analysis to 1ntuitionistic Axiomatics
Charles McCartv : At the Heart of Analysis: Intuitionism and Philosophy
Colin McLarty : Two Constructivist Aspects of Category Theory
Aarne Ranta : Type Theory and Universal Grammar