Volume 17 cahier 1. The Epistemological Thought of Otto Hölder

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Edited by Paola Cantu & Olivier Schlaudt

The Epistemological Thought of Otto Hölder

1. General Introduction
Paola Cantù and Oliver Schlaudt

2. Intuition and Reasoning in Geometry (1900, English translation)
Otto Hölder

3. Otto Hölder’s 1892 Review of Robert Grassmann’s 1891 « Treatise on Number ». Introductory Note
Mircea Radu

4. Review of Grassmann, Robert, « Treatise on Number or Arithmetic in Strict Scientific Presentation Strictly by Formulas (1891) » (1892, English translation)
Otto Hölder

5.Between Kantianism and Empiricism: Otto Hölder’s Philosophy of Geometry
Francesca Biagioli

6. Hölder, Mach, and the Law of the Lever: A Case of Well-founded Non-controversy
Oliver Schlaudt

7. Otto Hölder’s Interpretation of David Hilbert’s Axiomatic Method
Mircea Radu

8. Geometry and measurement in Otto Hölder’s epistemology
Paola Cantù


9. Hat Kurt Gödel Thomas von Aquins Kommentar zu Aristoteles « De anima » rezipiert?
Eva-Maria Engelen