volume 18 cahier 3 – Logic and Philosophy of Science in Nancy (I)

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Logic and Philosophy of Science in Nancy (I)
edited by Pierre Edouard Bour, Gerhard Heinzmann, Wilfrid Hodges, Peter Schroeder-Heister

This issue collects a selection of contributed papers presented at the 14th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Nancy, July 2011. These papers were originally presented within three of the main sections of the Congress. They deal with logic, philosophy of mathematics and cognitive science, and philosophy of technology. A second volume of contributed papers, dedicated to general philosophy of science, and other topics in the philosophy of particular sciences, will appear in the next issue of Philosophia Scientiæ (19-1), 2015. The present volume contains contributions from: Jaime GASPAR, Wagner DE CAMPOS SANZ & Thomas PIECHA, Saeed SALEHI, Giuliano BACIGALUPO, Werner STELZNER, Francesca BOCCUNI, Ralf KRÖMER & David CORFIELD, Petros STEFANEAS & Ioannis M. VANDOULAKIS, Ahti-Veikko PIETARINEN, Marcello FRIXIONE & Antonio LIETO, Manjari CHAKRABARTY, Delphine BLITMAN, Valentine REYNAUD, Gonzalo MUNÉVAR, Lilia GUROVA, Marcin MIŁKOWSKI.


Is Church’s Picture of Frege a Good One ?

Rationality of Performance

Erratum sur l’article « Pour une lecture continue de Hugo Dingler », Philosophia Scientiae 18-2