Volume 19 cahier 3 -The Bounds of Naturalism

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Edited by Charles-Edouard Niveleau & Alexandre Métraux

The Bounds of Naturalism: Experimental Constraints and Phenomenological Requiredness

Charles-Édouard Niveleau & Alexandre Métraux
The Bounds of Naturalism: A Plea for Modesty

Riccardo Martinelli
A Philosopher in the Lab. Carl Stumpf on Philosophy and Experimental Science

Sigrid Leyssen
La phénoménologie expérimentale d’Albert Michotte : un problème de traduction

Gary Hatfield
Objectifying the Phenomenal in Experimental Psychology: Titchener and Beyond

Liliana Albertazzi
Spatial Elements in Visual Awareness. Challenges for an Intrinsic “Geometry” of the Visible

Baingio Pinna, Jan Koenderink & Andrea van Doorn
The Phenomenology of the Invisible: From Visual Syntax to “Shape from Shapes”

Michael Kubovy
The Deep Structure of Lives