Volume 19 numéro 2

Volume 19 numéro 2


– From the plastic nature to the plastic natures: consideration
on the uses of the concept in philosophy of nature during
the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Antonine Nicoglou
– L’abbé Jacques-François Dicquemare (1733-1789), a French
zoologist from Le Havre and his discoveries on sea anemones
Olivier Perru
– The impact of the works of Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden
(1809-1894) on commensalism : issues and outlooks
Brice Poreau
– Collective work and scientific validation : the French botanical
exchange societies
Christian Bange
– Botany and Horticulture in the International Congresses
Christina Oghina-Pavie
– From microbe to gene, a new reading of the history
of French genetics
Laurent Loison
– Epistemological rupture and “the Knowing of Life”: is there any
historical progress specific to the life sciences ?
Barthélemy Durrive
– The Gaia Hypothesis: why should one care about it even if one thinks that Earth is not an organism?
Sébastien Dutreuil

ISBN: 978-2-84174-605-7
Nombre de pages: 128